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Re: Interest in dinosaurs (was Re: Third Jurassic Park Movie Coming in 2000)

I grew up about an hour outside New York City and whenever my folks took
a trip to the city we would always have to stop at the American Museum
of Natural History. The blue whale model was nice, but what always left
me with a sense of awe was the dinosaur exhibit. It had its upright
Tyrannosaurus and its Apatosaurus with the wrong name and skull. My
favorite dinosaur there was the Corythosaurus. It looked like a giant
duck while placed under the tag of "Aquatic Duck-Billed Dinosaurs". I
visited the museum quite regularly, and in my early teens I almost
became a tour guide to the dinosaur hall. I remember pestering the poor
old soul who kept trying to tell the tour group that crocodiles were the
dinos closest living relatives while I kept shouting "bird!" (way back
in 1984!). I wonder if he has changed his views by now. Unfortunately
the last time I visited the AMNH in 1994 the dino exhibits were being
renovated. I wonder how much it has changed. The museum is what got me
first interested, and that interest has only kept growing from that
first visit over twenty years ago.


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