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re: Interest in Dinosaurs

My story isn't that different from the others. I was intensely 
interested in Dinosaurs from a very young age. It was the time life 
books and RCA's book on dinosaurs that got me interested. I didn't stay 
with it and it went to the nether recesses of my brain for years. Then 
after a career in retail and having a marriage fizzle I went back to 
college for a Masters in Biology. One of my favorite Professors at St. 
Cloud State here in MN, talked me into taking his Paleontology class on 
Minnesota Fossils. I enjoyed that very much and he suggested his 
dinosaur class. I wasn't very hot on that idea since it had been years 
ago that I had even heard of one. I thought they were for kids, blah, 
blah, blah! He is very persuasive and I signed up and out of the dark 
all my memories came scampering back on how much I loved these old 
beasts. The class was a ball and I abruptly changed my whole focus in 
school. I am the one and only Grad student at SCSU and I am doing 
research on plesiosaurs. I had my awakening about eighteen months ago 
and I really enjoy all of Paleontology and this  and the VRTPALEO group. 
Thanks very much. Barry
This was a fun question Tom.

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