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Interest in Dinosaurs -Reply, with a little JP (urrrggghhh!)

It was written thus:

==>And in regards to JP...I was close to tears when, in the first
movie, they top the grassy hill and come face to foot with a wandering
Brachiosaur.  I wasn't bothered with its dull gray color, its rearing
capabilities, or any
other innacurate item to be found there.<==

This scene had the same effect for me too. For all that has been
written and said about the movie (and I too feel it's time for the JP3
thread to die a natural death), it was the first time for me dinosaurs
were portrayed as REAL living, breathing, moving, inter-reacting
animals, and not wooden unrealistic, unbelievable 'monsters' akin to
the mythical fire breathing dragons.

As a rider to the 'unrealistic' rearing brachiosaurus it has been
suggested to me all of the largest sauropods were incapable of mating
as the males could not support their weight on two limbs, and the
females legs would not be able to sustain the additional weight of the
male on her. Therefore, the argument went, male sauropods must have
had a 10-12 ft long penis for continuity of the species. Not a
biologist needless to say. Also the idea of sauropods with respiratory
orifices at the base of the neck so they could breath (due to problems
with the length of the neck) - the same of course would apply to
elasmosaurus (et al), except swimming upside down would be a
pre-requisite too!!!! (Sorry, couldn't resist?!)

==>Unfortunately, in my teens, my interest in prehistoric times waned 
(haven't we all experienced this)? <==

Not for one instant since my first day at primary school. I don't
remember seeing, hearing about or having any concept of 'dinosaurs'
before that, then there was a kids book with piccies of thinks ,the
like of which I'd never seen before. They were translated into
playground games, assisted by parents that instilled a love of the
natural world and living things into me (despite the odd attempt at
"don't you think you should do a school project on something other
than dinosaurs . . . "), and an undying fascination and amazement of
all living things that still never fails to astonish me. The pleasure
of 'the more I find out, the more I want to find out' is still with
me, long may it continue. (Even if I have gone off the track into
reptiles that like getting wet!).

Enough waffle for now,


Mr Leslie Noe

Centre of Environmental, Earth and Applied Science Research,
School of Environmental and Applied Sciences,
University of Derby,
Kedleston Road,
Derby, DE22 1GB,

e-mail: L.F.Noe@derby.ac.uk