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Re: art markets

At 10:06 PM 7/1/98 -0400, Jeff Hecht wrote:
>And while we're talking about art markets, if you have the opportunity,
>check out the possibilities of showing and selling art at a regional
>science-fiction convention. I don't know how they'd go for dinosaurs or
>dinobirds, but it might be worth a try. Science-fiction artists don't get
>rich, but the best of them can make a living. -- Jef Hecht


Illustrator Bob Walters and sculptor Paul Sorton often sell, or at least
display, their dinosaur works at Balticon, Philcon, and other mid-Atlantic
states SF conventions.  Hey, you can sometimes get on a panel to talk about
dinosaur art, and get a discount for the convention fee (or do the same
about dinosaur science... :-).

Speaking of which, anyone going to the World SF Convention in Baltimore this
August must come over to see the various dinosaur panels, buy Walters &
Sorton (and other) art, and get their copies of _James Gurney The World of
Dinosaurs_ autographed by Mike Brett-Surman & me!

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