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Re: art markets

Jeff and everyone;  do you know about the International Association for
the Fantastic in the Arts?  They meet annually in Ft. Lauderdale in March
and have a scholarly conference and also a smallish art exhibit.  But what
might interest you is that they are about 70% membership of folks
interested in science fiction in some way.  And,, they always have a
featured guest artist each meeting as well as a number of guest writers
etc..  Jane D.

 Jane P. Davidson PhD 
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On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Jeff Hecht wrote:

> And while we're talking about art markets, if you have the opportunity,
> check out the possibilities of showing and selling art at a regional
> science-fiction convention. I don't know how they'd go for dinosaurs or
> dinobirds, but it might be worth a try. Science-fiction artists don't get
> rich, but the best of them can make a living. -- Jef Hecht