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Not a dinosaur, but a monstrously clever name

The July 2 issue of Nature features a paper on "A new Early Carboniferous
tetrapod with a mélange of crown-group characters" by Jennifer A. Clack.
 _Eucritta melanolimnetes_

>  Division: Crown group Tetrapoda Goodrich 1930
>  Order: undesignated
>  Family: Baphetidae Cope 1875
>  Eucritta melanolimnetes gen. et. sp. nov.
>  Etymology. Eu (Greek) true; critta (American vernacular): creature;
>  melano (Greek): black; limnetes (Greek): living in a pool or marsh,
>  from the black lagoon (in reference to the locality of East Kirkton).

Whose extinction was due to waiting for human females to appear?