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forward for Jarno

Jarno Peschier and I are still having trouble convincing listproc that
he should be allowed to send messages to the dinosaur list, so I'm
forwarding the enclosed message on his behalf.  Jarno, try writing
from that address again the next time you want to write to the list.
I think it might work now, but I'm not confident enough to try to make
you re-send the following:

-----Original Message-----
 From: Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. <th81@umail.umd.edu>
 To: smfaust@edisto.cofc.edu <smfaust@edisto.cofc.edu>
 Cc: dinosaur@usc.edu <dinosaur@usc.edu>
 Date: donderdag 2 juli 1998 1:54
 Subject: Interest in dinosaurs (was Re: Third Jurassic Park Movie Coming in

>Hoping to turn a negative into a positive, and to begin a more upbeat
>discussion rather than the tired old "Jurassic Park" line...

Great initiative! Very constructive too, which is a nice change from some
(fortunately not all) messages on the list recently...

>Here is my story, as told to me by my parents.  [...], and I was in love!

Great story. I'll add mine, even though compared to yours it really isn't
that much interesting.

>So, having now used up what would have been the opening to my
>memoirs (;-), I question for professionals and fans alike: what got
>you into dinosaurs?  I would particularly like to hear from anyone
>who can honestly admit they didn't have an interest in dinosaurs
>UNTIL they saw "Jurassic Park" or "JP: The Lost World".

Well, even though I've got nothing to do with dinosaurs professionally, I
really am one of the hard-core dino-nutcases. I've been interested in them
for as long I can remember.

I think what started me off was a childrens book on prehistoric times
(beginning of the earth to first homo sapiens) that I have had for as long
as I can remember. I got it from my parents, probably between 3 and 6 years
old. It's a Dutch translation from some Brittish book I believe, and it's
from 1973, just like myself. ;-)

Even though anything historical has my interest, so the whole book was right
on the mark for me, the pages in that book about dinosaurs really grabbed me
somehow. I still have that book (with swamp Brachiosaurs, amphibious
Parasaurolophus with webbed hands and all, Fabrosaurus, Scolosaurus, etc.)
and like it, since it was my first dino-book.

My interest in dinosaurs remained rather constant for a long time, but after
I found the dinosaur mailinglist (about 1992, when I started studying
computer science at Utrecht University and got my first Internet access) and
found and bought The Dinosaur Heresies it really soared, and it stayed high.
This was more than a year before JP was released here in Holland actually.
Now I have a large number of books on dinosaurs (the two encyclopediae, the
complete dinosaur, and numerous others)

So, JP and TLW did not start my interest in dinosaurs. But I did like them,
a lot, despite all the problems and errors. In fact, I've bought the
original TLW book in the American Bookstore in Amsterdam just when it was
out and I worked through it in a matter of a couple of hours (almost
non-stop, if I remember correctly).

I'll cut this boring story short now. I hope a lot of people on the list
will tell stories like this. It's not strictly about dinosaurs so it could
be termed off-topic, but it's interesting nevertheless and I really like the
occasional digression like this on the list.

Jarno Peschier

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