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RE: Amatuer.

I started getting "serious" dinosaur books when I was about your age.
It is actually helpful to get anything you can get your hands on.  Read
it slowly, for the sake of comprehension, don't just skim through it
very fast and look at the pictures.  Think about what you are reading,
decide which things interest you the most [for example, do you like
hadrosaurs the best, or are you interested in the evolution of a certain
lineage, that type of thing].  Write things down that interest you or
that you may want to learn more about.  Keep a notebook, or several of
them, that have your written notes and your comments and questions.
Strive to answer those questions with other books, and especially with
professional journals.  If you can learn to look up things and to try to
find answers yourself before you ask someone, it will really help you
later in a science-based career.  This is the advice I received when I
was about 16, and it has helped alot.  I am now working on a Master's
degree in paleo, and although it isn't dinosaurian paleo, like I wanted,
it is still paleo, and I love it.  All the writing, reading, and
learning to think for myself has helped me tremendously!  I would
greatly encourage you to do the same!!

Lauri L. Bartlema
Curatorial Assistant
Directorate of Environment
Fort Bliss, Texas

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> I have to admit it.  I'm only 15, and I'm a complete amateur.  This is
> a lot
> harder than it looks.  I barely understand the e-mails that come
> through this
> list, and I've been trying to learn just about every word from
> www.dinosauria.com's "Anatomical Dictionary."  But its going any slow.
> Does
> anyone have any advice on what I could do or read to start really
> getting into
> paleontology?  Thanks.