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re: Interest in Dinosaurs

A lot of these stories are sounding the same.  Mine fits the 
general theme as well.  

I don't remember where it started.  I do remember finding RCA's book
All About Dinosaurs in the school library.  I checked it out and read
it, and reread it every month or two.  I also remember the Sinclair Oil
travelling dinosaur exhibit.  They sold a 'family' of six dinosaurs for
$1.25.  I bought the set every year when it came around, by the next
year they were all lost or broken.  :(  Then there was the King Zor.
I collected whatever dinosaurs I could find, until I hit teenager, then
I was just too cool.  I got back into it when a local museum (in the
early 90's) had an exhibit on dinosaurs.  I volunteered to help out and
have been rehooked ever since.  At the same museum, I'm now volunteering
to do prep work for a triceratops that's been sitting around.  It feels
like those years of obsession are finally paying off!!  Wheee.  :)

I also see a lot of interest in my nephews and nieces.  It is fun getting
them educational gifts on dinosaurs and actually seeing them enjoy it.  
Usually educational and enjoyment are mutually exclusive.  My niece (age
6) drew me a great T. Rex picture in gratitude for a gift.  It will adorn
my fridge until it rots!