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Original The Lost World on TV

I guess some of you have missed this. The 1925 version of _The Lost
World_,with animation by Willis O'Brien and models by Marcel Delgado, will be
shown on Turner Classic Movies on cable at 10 PM EST, tomorrow (Friday, July
The fight between Tyrannosaurus and Agathaumas is just superb (I've never seen
a frame or still of the Tyrannosaurus animation model) as is the stampede with
the  plates of the stegosaurs weaving left to right and the aftermath with a
"flock" of theropods scavenging a sauropod. This was 1925, folks! There is
also a very early appearence of Brachiosaurus, screen or otherwise. Back in
the 1920's my grandfather was one of the original science fiction nuts. One
day in my youth I was up in his attic and found a copy of Hugo Gernsback's
_Science and Invention_ magazine from 1925 with the LW brontosaurus on the
cover and the whole low-down on the special effects inside. Still have it,
still love it. He gave me RCA's _All About Dinosaurs_when it was new and
Colbert's _The Dinosaur Book_. He tried to get me interested in physics-that
didn't take. Dan Varner.
PS: Kong and The Black Scorpion (with Kong out-take critters from the pit) are
also on cable here in the US, Kong on TCM at midnight EST on Friday, and
Scorpion on AMC at 10:30 PM EST Friday.