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Re: Protoceratops

At 05:45 AM 7/2/98 PDT, you wrote:
>OK, now my mom said I shouldn't tell this idea to anyone because all the 
>'real' paleontologists'll 'steal' my ideas and such, but here goes.
>Could Protoceratops have been an omnivore??
>I mean, with it being found near Oviraptor nests, and with a bite like 
>that, I'm sure it could have taken a chunk or two out of the eggs, or 
>young Oviraptors if it wanted too. Or it could have canibalized it's own 
>eggs. Modern parrots sometimes do that-canibalize or eat the eggs of 
>other animals. (I wish I knew if they did that in the wild!!)
>The beak of a Protoceratops could go through basicly anything (well, not 
>quite), from what I've read, so maybe it ate a variety of things.
>Please don't 'steal' this idea...pleasepleaseplease

I would go one step further and suggest that protoceratops should have been
named "Oviceratops"!  Any comments?