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RE:Protoceratops & questions

Oh look, I'm re-ing my own work. hahaha.
Gee...I'd thought I'd come up with that on my own...now I feel so ..
INSIGNIFICANT. wow. Maybe everythought I've ever come up with's already 
been thought up...
can someone please answer these questions!
Could any dinosaurs hop like a kangaroo...NOT like a bird, but like a 
Was/is there a real Spinosaurus skeleton that was found? I'd heard it 
was stolen or something durring WW2,and destroyed.
How smart was troodon? like as smart as a parrot or a monkey?
Did ornitholestes really have a nose horn? 
How big was brachiosaur's foot? 
Why are there a TON of GREEN dinosaurs in my dinosaur books? WHY 
Was a young velociraptor an inscectivore? And what's this I heard about 
them being found in oviraptor nests for food?
Did Shunosaurus really have a club on it's tail? or was that a mistake? 
Did any other sauropods have clubs on their tails???
What was the loudest dinosaur?
thanks for your time. Sorry to spam everyone with all my 'stupid' 
dinosaur questions.

Jessica Wagar
Amature Paleontologist

"My name is Bird. And I'm a dinoholic"

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