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Re: Interest in dinosaurs

Thinking back, the reason I liked dinosaurs at the age of 3 is that when
I drew a picture of one and gave it fins and horns and teeth and
claws-no one said 'but dear, _dinosaur name goes here_ didn't look like
that".  So suddenly there was this whole avenue that my mom (degree in
entomology) and dad (PhD in nuclear physics and computer whiz) weren't
experts on.  

By 1st grade I could spell 'paleontologist' and it was a tough call
between that and in being a 'herpetologist' when I grew up. 

My family vacationed a lot in the Mojave desert where collecting rocks,
chasing lizards, and in general, pretending to be a paleontologist with
my brother were entertainment enough for several summers.

About 4th grade I found out you had to know latin to study dinosaurs
(all those names) and so my life's goal centered on doing art where I
could just draw dinosaurs and NOT have to learn latin.  

I went to my local community college and went most of the way through
their 2 year animation program and took all their art couses, and then
transferred to an art college, graduated with a degree in illustration
and having spent a great deal of time in comperative anatomy and more

I proceeded to struggle for work for about 10 years-working retail
during the day and trying to get illustration work by night.  Finally
one day someone walked in to talk to another employee and said that a
company he was working for was looking for someone that could draw
'aliens and dinosaurs' to do some sketches for a video game they were
starting.  I went in for an interview, got the job, ended up running the
art end of the project for 2 years (having management skills pays off)
and when it was cancelled on completion, was firmly entrenched in doing
video game art.  

By the time that game was cancelled JP was out and anybody who was
anybody in video game art was madly trying to learn 3d graphics.  So
it's funny that dinosaurs were so instrumental in guiding the industry I
ended up in.......

-Betty Cunningham