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Re: Interest in dinosaurs & AMNH

Can't really get a good look back on childhood dinosaur mania 'cause I'm still
a kid (well, teen). I know got interested at least when I was two from little
Golden books, and I think my cousin's 1st birthday party at the AMNH left a
lasting impression. From when I was 4 onward, I'd always go in to see the
skeletons, dinosaurs and otherwise (I still miss the highly inaccurate but
lovable Deinosuchus plaster+ cranial fragments skull). I remember memorizing
the caption under the bust of Henry Osborn, "For him the dry bones came to
life..." Now that I think about it, that caption probably better applies to
Charles R. Knight, and now that I really think of it, that last part wasn't me
at all, but a Stephen Jay Gould copyright infringement. Hey! Speaking of AMNH,
someone wrote: 
<<Go back; I was there last year, rennovations are at least mostly done. I
think I remember the prehistoric sea life was still being done, but each
of the major orders  (yes, they still had them divided into the Linnean
orders)  had its own huge hall.  Worth the time and effort to get there.>>

You must be confusing the AMNH and Smithsonian, as the former doesn't have a
"prehistoric sea life" hall, the latter does, and the AMNH halls are so
absolutely saturated (I mean DRIPPING) with nuthin' but cladistics any
introduced Linnaean order would shrivel up and die instantly. THe AMNH halls
are really excellent, though (maybe even better than the memories of my very
early childhood, I don't know though, seeing a Tenonotosaurus labeled
Camptosaurus under a ridiculously enormous Carcharodon [That's right, I'm
saying Carcharodon!) megalodon jaw really left a lasting impression, and where
did Seymouria go?), so go see 'em!

Oh, and Pieter Depuydt wrote:
<<when I was 3 or 4 years old, my mother showed me the Zallinger
 picture in a book called "The World we Live in" (Time-Life I think).>>
Hey! I just obtained a copy of that issue! Small world...

Christian Kammerer