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Comments and Questions

First of all I may as well say my piece about Jurassic park.  I think that
if you know enuf about dinosaurs and animal behavior in general you can
watch and enjoy the movie by seperating fact and fiction.  You can admire
how well done and accurate the T.rex is or get an impression of how agile a
Dromeosaur would be in real life.  However for those many people who don't
know enuf about animals to realize That  a Tyrannosaurus would never go out
of its way to attack a person for no reason and that one loose in a city
would more likely try to hide then terrorize it is truly sad.....
Heres a hypothectical question.  Is it possible that a dinosaur(or other
animal) that looks like the new godzilla could be discovered?(of course it
would have to be a good deal smaller and have a different foot design to be
a theropod dinosaur.)
And finally what species of Barosaurus,Diplodocus and Apatosaurus is
illustrated in the book The Complete Dinosaur.
Thank you.
Jonathan schmidt