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Interest in dinosaurs

Well, somebody's got to NOT fit the mold.  I came by my interest in
dinosaurs as an adult.  It's not that I was not interested in them as a
child, I was just so interested in everything I couldn't settle down to
anything.  After 2 years as a biology major and a degree in geography,
fortunately I happened upon the perfect career for such a thoroughgoing
generalist:  museum exhibit designer.  My paleopassion blossomed when I went
to work for the Red Mountain Museum in Birmingham, Alabama.  There I got to
work with real fossils and real paleontologists and mess around the lab and
indulge my major curiosity and make exhibits.  Now that I live in Kentucky
and work for a children's museum, that curiosity has continued and is, I
hope, transmitted to the kids who see the fossils and related hands-on
exhibits, and go on the fossil hunting trips.  I am active in the Kentucky
Paleontological Society and also go to New Mexico in the summers to do real
digs.  Like many of you, I read a lot of paleontology, too.  It's my hope
that I can provide for some kids the kinds of experiences described by many
of you, experiences that nudge that terrific curiosity and send you out from
the Museum to the library, the internet, (and the movies) and best of all,
to the field.  

Judy Lundquist
Exhibit Designer
Lexington Children's Museum