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A visit to Sue

Long time lurker here.

I visited the Field Museum last weekend and, of course, went immediately
to Sue's domain.
The display is wonderful and one of the possible four workers was using
the particulate air gun to clean a bone.

The "answer" lady in attendance then ruined my weekend.

My first question was if the healed leg bone was on exhibit.  She said
the healed leg bone was more or less bunk.  Without prodding (other
lurkers must have preceded me) she informed my family the supposed death
by another T. rex was also bunk and the sex of the creature debatable.

Her exact word to describe the above posted items about Sue was "hype".

My feelings went back many years to a Christmas morning when I did not
get a new bike.  I was sorely disappointed.

If these repudiations have been posted to this group, I apologize for
missing them.