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    Last year, I was able to spend some time with the type Avimimus collection. Parts of three specimens are present. The illustrated side of the skull (it is from the largest of the three individuals) lacks major parts of the jugal and quadratojugal, making the animal look avian. However, the other side shows a more normal theropod condition. Moving on, the "carpometacarpus" is in fact portions of the quadrate, quadratojugal, and a little bit of the jugal from a smaller individual. The famous ulnar ridge is unfortunately unconvincing. Finally, aside from the two chunks of bone previously identified as rt. and left ilia (which I don't understand at all), the whole collections recalls a small set of juvenile Gallimimus from the Mongolian State collection that I had a chance to study and photograph a few years back. Of course, Gallimimus is recorded from the same locality and facies as the type of Avimimus
    While it disappoints me, I see nothing distinctive or odd about Avimimus portentosus Kurzanov 1981. It appears to be nothing more than a junior synonym of Gallimimus bullatus Osmolska et al 1972.

                                            - Kraig Derstler