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2 questions

Hello all,

I am new to this list and have two questions.  First I would like to know if 
there is a digest version of this list.

Also, I would like your opinions on something. I want to know when, if ever, is 
it too late to go into paleontology as a career?  I have always been interested 
in paleontology, since I was a kid just 5 years old.  My dad always took me to 
the American Museum of Natural History here in New York, and I always wanted to 
work there someday.  All growing up, through high school, I was going to be a 
paleontologist.  I was always great at science and math.  Then in college I 
started out as a bio major, then went to anthropology, and then got sidetracked 
into creative writing/English, which is another love of mine.  I ended up 
graduating with an English major but honors in Liberal Studies.  I have since 
worked in 2 publishing companies.  (I got my B.A. in English in 1995.)

I recently started a new job at the American Museum of Natural History in their 
Licensing, Retailing, & Special Publishing department.  We work on and edit all 
the books the museum publishes, mostly about exhibits in the museum.  We also 
work on products for the gift shops, not only the books but anything else that 
is educational or relates the exhibits.  

But working there has gotten me so psyched and into paleontology again, being 
so close to them, I find I'm not satisfied with the publishing department but 
would love to actually work with the fossils as I have always wanted to do.  So 
my question is, is it too late for me to go the paleontology route?--could I 
just start on a Master's degree in it, or would it be necessary for me to get a 
second Bachelor's, in a science?

I am already looking into graduate programs, scholarships, and am considering 
approaching one of the curators at the museum and asking to volunteer after 
hours to get some first-hand experience.  I'm also looking into some local 
organizations to see if I can get on some field trips.  

Any advice you guys can help with would be *greatly* appreciated! :)

Thanks very much and sorry for the long post.