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Re: Interest in Dinosaurs

I love reading about other people's early experiences with dinosaurs!  I
discovered Roy Chapman Andrews at age 7 (and I LOVED reading his biography on
the list a while back - marvelous!) and spent the next 3 years announcing that
I wanted to be a paleozoologist when I grew up.  I then switched, fickle
person that I am, to archeology, and wavered between that & oceanography
during high school.  I ended up with a degree in environmental marine biology,
but will always remember the utter fascination with which I read and re-read
those books.  Looking back, I wonder how much the setting had to do with my
fascination.  I've always been of a scientific frame of mind and during the BC
era (before child) I was drawn to the most wild and people-free places I could
find (ie - shore-fast ice north of Barrow, AK and a field site north of Kodiak
with 1 other employee).  I would love to be part of a Mongolian dig.....

karen turner

ps - I just want to say that I liked Jurassic Park, mostly because parts of it
brought back to me the sense of wonder I used to have while reading books on
dinosaurs.  Even if Lost World sucked (both the book because it ended like
Crichton was bored with the whole thing and couldn't come up with a good
finale, and the movie because they knew they couldn't recreate the sense of
wonder that came with the first one and therefore settled for more gratuitous
violence and campiness), I still am very glad they made them both.  One can
always have hope about the next movie................................