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Re: art markets

Tom, Jeff, Etc:

    Bob and Paul are friends of mine (in fact, early on, Tess was confused
when she discovered I was just as involved with Science Fiction, as with
Dinosaurs).  Bob is a hustler in the good sense - he makes a decent living
selling his art.

    Yes, you can sell to the Science Fiction crowd.  We often are very
interested in dinosaurs, and often come with money to spend.   (Paul often
has a few of his sculptures on sale for very high prices - in order to keep
from selling them).

    I have gotten free admission for myself and my wife by being a guest of
PHILCON (here in Phila. in Nov.) - running science panels of various types.

    I was initially approached to be involved with the science track at the
in Baltimore, but there wasn't any follow-thru.  I suppose that there was a
surplus of willing guests.  I don't know what the discount is for WorldCON
panelists.  I know that I can't afford the $165 per person at the door - at
this time.  (To say nothing of the room rates).

    Tom - Enjoy WorldCON.  Sorry, I can't be there.

        Allan Edels

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>At 10:06 PM 7/1/98 -0400, Jeff Hecht wrote:
>>And while we're talking about art markets, if you have the opportunity,
>>check out the possibilities of showing and selling art at a regional
>>science-fiction convention. I don't know how they'd go for dinosaurs or
>>dinobirds, but it might be worth a try. Science-fiction artists don't get
>>rich, but the best of them can make a living. -- Jef Hecht
>Illustrator Bob Walters and sculptor Paul Sorton often sell, or at least
>display, their dinosaur works at Balticon, Philcon, and other mid-Atlantic
>states SF conventions.  Hey, you can sometimes get on a panel to talk about
>dinosaur art, and get a discount for the convention fee (or do the same
>about dinosaur science... :-).
>Speaking of which, anyone going to the World SF Convention in Baltimore
>August must come over to see the various dinosaur panels, buy Walters &
>Sorton (and other) art, and get their copies of _James Gurney The World of
>Dinosaurs_ autographed by Mike Brett-Surman & me!
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