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Re: Eggs and parental behaviour

Rhea drop "surplus" eggs out in the open.  They explode after rotting.

I think it would be impossible to prove non nest attendance in an extinct

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Fred Bervoets wrote:

> Is there despite of provable parental behavior by dinosaurs also
provenance of non-parental behavior or even non nesting behaviour? I'am
not a specialist in birds ( ore dinosaurs either  ) but i understand that
there are some birds that do not lay there eggs in nest or take any care
for them ore the hatchlings. I like to know if a similar non care
behaviour [drop the egss and walk away :-) ]  is known by dinosaurs (if
possible whit references) 
> Any help is welcome
> With regards
> Fred Bervoets
> fb@nrc.nl