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Interest in Dinosaurs

Here's my 2 cents worth :
Firstly , I've had a natural ability to draw as long as I can remember . My
first exposure to our beloved beasts was the Life magazine articles with
Zallinger's artwork  , when I was about 3yrs. old , (the magazines were
about as old at that time  in 1956 !) .I spent a lot of time at my
grandparents' home , (my grandmother would let me stay-up late ). On a
couple of these late nights , I saw the original
'King Kong ' and ' The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms'  . From then on , I was
hooked . Around the same time  , I was visiting my other grandfather  , who
wanted to know what I wanted from a local five &dime . When I told him I
wanted a dinosaur , he didn't know what I meant , so I drew him a picture
of a ' Brontosaurus ' . He returned with a Marxx bronto ! At age 5 Santa
brought me the whole Marxx dinosaur set , and a thin Golden Book of
Dinosaurs . I was enthralled ! I read everything I could find about
dinosaurs , and by time I was in the first grade , I was the local '
authority' on prehistoric animals , even correcting my teacher's
pronunciation . I'll never forget
Mrs. Sharp , she was very tolerant of my passion for dinosaurs . The summer
after first grade , she sent me photos of dino skeletons from the
Smithsonian . I accquired the nickname ' Dinoboy ' around this time .
Dinosaurs and illustration have been my passion ever since , even with
competition from Beatles , Led Zep and playing guitar for 20-some years .
BTW , does anyone out there remember
the comic book 'Kona of Monster Island ' ? The stories got weird , but the
artwork was great for the period !

Thanks for the indulgence , 
Regards , Truett Garner