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Re: interest in Dinos

Jessica, your  'crazy dinosaur freak' here...
First dinosaur bone I ever saw was a sauropod leg bone. It was large, 
gray and looked like (OH MY GOSH!) ROCK. I remember wondering how neat 
it would be to see such an animal walking around downtown...
The sauropod leg was only in town for about a week, but it was neat.
I never saw another dinosaur bone until this summer, when I found one at 
the local jewlery store. THe man who owns the store turns out to be a 
collector of wierd old things...there's a mammuth tusk, the skeleton of 
a 1 1/2(about) foot long sea-going reptile (a very nice skeleton from 
Brazil, I think...) and there's a chunk of dinosaur bone. A very small 
bit of red-brown bone about 6" square that looks to be a fragment from a 
leg bone (well, that's my guess to what it is).
I have never been privaliged to see a full skeleton of any dinosaur up 
close in real life, and my mom's been trying since 1st grade to get me 
to stop with this 'nonsense'...
I'm not sure where I got my dinosaur interest, but it's here and it's 
here to stay...
(If 10 or so years of being told dinosaurs were stupid and that I was 
also stupid for even SAYING the word can't get me to give up my 
fascination for dinosaurs, I suppose I'm incurable).
Hopefully this summer I'll get to see some 'real' dinosaurs on my trip 
'out west'....

the silly amature
who'll write back later, after feeding the local flock of bluejays who 
are begging at her window.

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