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Cret. volume

To all;

        Here is the table of contents for the proceedings volume for the The
"Lower to "Middle" Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems" symposium to be
held in Fruita, CO, Oct. 7, 8 following the SVP annual meeting and
post-meeting Lower Cret. Field trip.

        For information regarding attending this meeting or ordering the
volume, e-mail me and I will send you the information. 

Jim Kirkland

New Mexico Museum of Natural History Bulletin 14

 Spencer G. Lucas, James I. Kirkland and John W. Estep, Editors

Stratigraphy and Biostratigraphy 

1      Vertebrate biostratigraphy and biochronology of the Cretaceous of        
        Spencer G. Lucas & John W. Estep

2       Précis of the Cretaceous paleontology, biostratigraphy and 
sedimentology at Dzharakuduk (Turonian??Santonian), Kyzylkum Desert, Uzbekistan 
        J. D. Archibald, H.-D. Sues, A.O. Averianov, C. King, D. J. Ward, O. 
A.Tsaruk, I. G. Danilov,A. S. Rezvyi, B. G.Veretennikov & A. Khodjaev

3       A review of Lower and Middle Cretaceous dinosaurs from England  .       
William T. Blows

4       Lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy of Lower?Middle Cretaceous Bisbee 
Group, southwestern New Mexico, USA  
        SpencerG. Lucas & John W. Estep

5      Stratigraphy and correlation of Middle Cretaceous rocks 
(Albian?Cenomanian) from the Colorado Plateau to the southern High Plains, 
north-central New Mexico  
        Spencer G. Lucas, Orin J.Anderson & John W. Estep

6       Dinosaur mid-life crisis: The Jurassic?Cretaceous transition in Wyoming 
and Colorado
        Robert T. Bakker

7      Cretaceous dinosaurs of the Colorado Plateau
        James I. Kirkland, Spencer G. Lucas & John W. Estep

Fossil Plants and Invertebrates

8       Some Lower Cretaceous charophytes from southern Kazakstan 
        Ayzhan K. Zhamangara
9       Cretaceous flora of Tyulikili, northeastern Priaralye, Kazakstan
        P. V. Shilin

10      The role of insects in Late Jurassic to Middle Cretaceous ecosystems
        Conrad C. Labandeira

11      Evaluation of nonmarine bivalves as chronological indices, based on 
examples from the Lower Cretaceous of East Asia 
        Masaki Matsukawa, Makoto Ito, Keiichi Hayashi, Osamu Takahashi, Seong 
Young Yang & Seong Kyu Lim

Vertebrate Ichnology

12      Lower Cretaceous vertebrate tracksites of East Asia 
        Martin Lockley & Masaki Matsukawa

13       A review of the Early Cretaceous terrestrialvertebrate track-bearing 
strata of England and Spain
        Joanna L. Wright, P. M. Barrett, Martin G. Lockley & E. Cook

14       A preliminary report on dinosaur tracksites in the Lower
Cretaceous (Albian) Gates Formation near Grande Cache, Alberta 
        Richard T. McCrea & Philip J. Currie

15      Tetrapod ichnofaunas from the Lower Cretaceous of northeastern New 
Mexico, USA
        Adrian P. Hunt & Spencer G. Lucas

16       A new dinosaur track locality from the Dakota Sandstone
(Upper Cretaceous: Cenomanian) in west-central New Mexico
        Andrew B. Heckert & Spencer G. Lucas

Lower Vertebrates

17       First report of amphibians and lizards from the Wealden (Lower 
Cretaceous) in England
        Angela C. Milner & Susan E. Evans

18       The Early Cretaceous microvertebrate locality of Anoual, Morocco:
A glimpse at the small vertebrate assemblages of Africa  
        Denise Sigogneau-Russell, Susan E. Evans, Jay F. Levine & Dale A. 

19       An Early Cretaceous assemblage from Gifu Prefecture, Japan
         Susan E. Evans, Makoto Manabe, Elizabeth Cook, Ren Hirayama,
Shinji Isaji, Christopher J. Nicholas, DavidUnwin & Yoshitaka Yabumoto

20      Recent advances in the paleontology of the Lower Cretaceous Lagarcito 
Formation (Parque Nacional Sierra De Las Quijadas, San Luis, Argentina)         
        Luis M. Chiappe, David Rivarola, Edgardo Romero, Sergio
Davila & Laura Codorniu

21       New fossil turtles from the Potomac Group (Arundel Formation) (Aptian 
age), Maryland, USA  
        Peter M. Kranz

22       Lepidosaurian faunas from the Early Cretaceous: A clade in transition
        Susan E. Evans


23       New find of a sauropod fossil from the Lower Cretaceous
Matsuo Group of Toba, Mie Prefecture, southwest Japan  
        Masahiro Tanimoto

24       Early Cretaceous dinosaurs from Thailand and their bearing on the 
early evolution and biogeographical history of some groups of Cretaceous 
        Eric Buffetaut & Varavudh Suteethorn

25     Artic dinosaurs with emphasis on the Cretaceous record
of Alaska and the Eurasian?North American connection 
        Roland A. Gangloff

26     Dinosaur eggshell Boletuoolithus carlylensis, oogenus nov.
from the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah 
        Emily S. Bray

27     Large, Early Cretaceous theropods in North America
        Jerald D. Harris

28      The affinities of the enigmatic theropods of the Arundel Clay facies
(Aptian), Potomac Formation, Atlantic Coastal Plain of Maryland.
        Thomas R. Lipka

29     Mostly dinosaurs: a review of the vertebrates of the Potomac Group 
(Aptian Arundel Formation), USA  
        Peter M. Kranz

30       A small coelurosaurian theropod from the Yellow Cat Member of the 
Cedar Mountain Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Barremian) of eastern Utah
        James I. Kirkland, Brooks B. Britt, Christopher H. Whittle,
Scott K. Madsen & Donald L. Burge

31     Review of Lower and Middle Cretaceous ankylosaurs from North America 
        Kenneth Carpenter & James I. Kirkland

32      A polacanthine ankylosaur (Ornithischia: Dinosauria)
from the Early Cretaceous (Barremian) of eastern Utah 
        James I. Kirkland

33     A new hadrosaurid from the upper Cedar Mountain Formation 
(Albian?Cenomanian: Cretaceous) of eastern Utah?the oldest known hadrosaurid 
        James I. Kirkland

34       Neoceratopsian teeth from the Lower to Middle Cretaceous of North 
        Brenda J. Chinnery, Thomas R. Lipka, James I. Kirkland, J. Michael 
Parrish & Michael K. Brett-Surman

35     Zuniceratops christopheri n. gen. & n. sp., a ceratopsian dinosaur from 
the Moreno Hill Formation (Cretaceous, Turonian) of west-central New Mexico 
        Douglas G. Wolfe & James I. Kirkland

36     The successful application of radiological survey instruments to map 
bone locations and aid excavation at a Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain 
Formation dinosaur quarry
        Ramal Jones & Donald Burge