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Re: 2 questions "interest in paleontology"

     Hello Kat , I have personally passed the three score and ten , and for me 
and primarily mammogenesis  has nothing to do with  *age* or your edu. 
I M O  good health and a clear mind ,  are   what really count if you have a 
real desire to
learn anything in any field , *DON'T* hesitate a moment , go for it any way you 
can ,
you will find all sorts of people that will give you help no matter what the 
questions are
or how bad you think they sound . There is nothing so exhilarating as learning 
new to be a fact , when you might have only held the thought in the back of 
your mind kind of teasing you . One more thing , when you get up in years , the 
future can look very short so don't put any thing aside for now or think maybe 
tomorrow .
     Now why did I start into paleontology , since I was a youngster I lived on 
a farm with animals and  have always
wondered why some legs were digitigrade and some plantigrade , and in those 
days I didn't even know the words , when I retired I soon got tired of 
traveling , and fishing ,
that is when I set out on a quest to find the answer to this question , and 
found far more
questions than  answers , My life is very rich learning new things and such 
nice people
to meet on the web. I hope this gives you some help and advice from a senior 
citizen .

> Hello all,
> I am new to this list and have two questions.  First I would like to know if 
> there is a digest version of this list.
> Also, I would like your opinions on something. I want to know when, if ever, 
> is it too late to go into paleontology as a career?    Any advice you guys 
> can help with would be *greatly* appreciated! :)
> Thanks very much and sorry for the long post.
> Kathryn

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