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Re: Interest in dinosaurs

Hi everybody,
I love these 'dinosaur interest'stories.  They remind me of the 'how we
met' stories in Ann Landers, and I never tire of those either.  All our
tales sound alike, and I think that's great because it reaffirms that
all our similar stories demonstrate a common bond that overwhelms our
occasional differences.

I don't remember becoming interested in dinosaurs, so I must have been
already into them by the end of WWII, since my earliest memories date
from about then.  My major focus now is on pterosaur flight, but I
didn't become interested in them until about two years ago.  I fool with
air-racing and drag reduction modifications for general aviation, and I
contacted Wann Langston to locate a couple of Quetzalcoatlus references
while trying to get some serindipitous ideas for more drag reduction
techniques.  Well, I got those, plus some fascinating conversation, plus
a new friend.  And durned if I didn't get hooked on pterosaurs too.  And
John Ostrom is showing some sign of getting me snagged on early birds. 
Now if only airplanes could flap their wings....

                                Best wishes,
                                        Jim Cunningham