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Re: Original The Lost World on TV

The earliest KNOWN dinosaur movie is supposedly called "Prehistoric Man"
and was made in 1908. The exact dinosaur it contained is not known to

If, indeed, there was a 1902 dino movie (regardless of whether or not it
was The Lost World which is extremely doubtful since that was a LICENSED
PROPERTY belonging to Arthur Conan Doyle and it's unlikely that it would
have been kept a secret all of these years) it would be exciting news.

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additions or corrections as usual for which we thank you in advance.


Dave L. Hardenbrook wrote:
> Isn't there even an earlier version of _Lost World_ from I think 1902
> that had _Allosaurus_ as the main villian?  (_T. rex_ was first discovered
> in 1905 wasn't it?)
>                                   -- Dave
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