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Re: Futabasaurus and Ryu

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Michael E Teuton wrote:
> Futabasaurus is just a nomen nudum that appeared in a popular account of
> Japanese dinosaurs, not a properly described genus. So anybody can call
> anything Futabasaurus until the genus is formally published with
> description,
> type species and type specimen, and so forth. The Japanese are particularly
> fond of naming vertebrate fossils after localities, as in "Futaba-ryu,"
> which
> then translates into English as "Futabasaurus." So there could be both a
> tyrannosaur and a plesiosaur "Futabasaurus."
> In karate, ryu, to the best of my limited knowledge of Japanese, generally 
> means
> "way";  as in Wado-ryu and Isshin-ryu being the systems or way of the 
> traditional
> Japanese karate styles Wado and Isshin.

You are correct; however, 'ryu' also means 'dragon' (presumably via a
different kanji).  Sounds like the Japanese equivalent of the "-saurus"

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