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Dinosaur questions _not_ stupid? that's the first time I've been told 
that in years (actually since grade K) by anyone who's not my age or 
younger. Now that's something to boost one's self esteem.
This is such a neat list and everyone here is so kind and nice and 
friendly and people here actually take time to answer my questions, and 
to put up with some of my off-beat ideas and theories ...
Between this list's members and my friends via e-mail from the tate, it 
seems that I've finally been accepted by some group of people, and 
people interested in a subject I like.
Kudos to all.

~Jessica W.
Amature paleontologist/maybe paleoartist (if I can convince myself my 
drawings are worth keeping when I know they are...)who's crazy enough to 
start planning a dig to the Gobi at age 16, and who's trying to write a 
book when she can't get past the 2nd page of her story because she's too 
busy drawing /iguanodon/ faces all over her notebooks! (Yes, 
Iguanodons,Hadrosaurines, Lambeosaurines, dromaeosaurids, 
pro-sauropods-all in the margins of my notebooks.)

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