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RE:Protoceratops & questions

> Oh look, I'm re-ing my own work. hahaha.
> Gee...I'd thought I'd come up with that on my own...now I feel so ..
> INSIGNIFICANT. wow. Maybe everythought I've ever come up with's already 
> been thought up...
> OK,OK...
> can someone please answer these questions!
> Could any dinosaurs hop like a kangaroo...NOT like a bird, but like a 

I don't see which known dinosaur did that, and I don't think kangaroo-like
hopping was used by dinosaurs.

> Was/is there a real Spinosaurus skeleton that was found? I'd heard it 
> was stolen or something durring WW2,and destroyed.

The holotype specimen of *Spinosaur aegyptiacus* was destroyed, but other
material have been collected since then, as well as a new species,
*Spinosaurus maroccanus*.

> How smart was troodon? like as smart as a parrot or a monkey?

We don't know with certainty, but it was probably as samart or smarter than
a cat or a dog.

> Did ornitholestes really have a nose horn? 

Yes, but we don't know how big it was. The bones forming the crest are not
entirely preserved, and only a slight elevation is visible on the specimen.
Maybe *Ornitholestes* had only a small bump instead of a crest (however, I
think you shouldn't say a horn, because it was very thin, I'd say a crest).

> How big was brachiosaur's foot? 

Very big!

> Why are there a TON of GREEN dinosaurs in my dinosaur books? WHY 
> GREEN?!!!!

Because crocodiles are often green, and some artists tought (?think) that
dinosaurs were just giant crocodiles.

> Was a young velociraptor an inscectivore? And what's this I heard about 
> them being found in oviraptor nests for food?

I think *Velociraptor* (young or not) ate everything it could catch. It was
probably a potential insectivore, even as an adult, being about 50 or 60 cm
high at the hips. I'm not sure about the young ones in the *Oviraptor*
nest, but I think it was supposed that they were there to kill some baby
*Oviraptors*. However, they could also have been food for baby *Oviraptors*
brought by parents.

> Did Shunosaurus really have a club on it's tail? or was that a mistake? 

Yes, it had a club with three nice spines.

> Did any other sauropods have clubs on their tails???

Maybe, but nothing is known with certainty. *Omeisaurus* is sometimes
pictured with a small tail club.

> What was the loudest dinosaur?

No one knows. However, it is likely that some dinosaurs developped ways to
get louder, so I imagine they were the loudest (hadrosaurs, camarsaurids
and brachiosaurids).

> thanks for your time. Sorry to spam everyone with all my 'stupid' 
> dinosaur questions.

They're not that stupid!

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