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Re: Feather Dinos Find Fame

Yikes!  I'm very grateful that _Time_ is seeing fit to cover the biggest
story in paleontology.  This means that word will get out to people who
don't subscribe to _National Geographic_ or _Discover_ (_Discover_ hasn't
covered it yet, but you know they will).  Too often science news only
circulates between the scientists and their die-hard fans.  So nice to see
news trickling down to the masses.

But why, oh, why put a handgun on the cover of the US edition of _Time_? 
Giving the people what they want?  That's not what I want!  Gimme le break!
 Maybe if Dr. Currie weren't from Canada or the fossils weren't from
China.. (froth, froth)...

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com