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Re: theropod sunglasses?

Jordan Mallon wrote:

<Hi everyone,

  I'm new here, so don't bite.
  I am rather surprised I haven't heard this before, (has it been
mentioned?) but I think the big hornlets above the eyes if the large
theropods (Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, etc...) could have been used to
block out the Mesozoic sun. Today's sidewinder snake has adopted
similar protrusions above its eyes and they seem to do just fine at
protecting the eyes from the sun. Does anyone think this is a valid

  Yes, I think it is.

  First of all, all iguanodonts, dryosaurs, tenontosaurs (or
whatever), hypsilophodontians, *Lesothosaurus* (or *Fabrosaurus* or
whatever), and heterodontosaurids, had large palpedral bones that
arched over the eyesocket and in life would have formed an overhaging
structure similar to the brows of some primitive homonids and apes.

  Greg Paul has restored these quite nicely, as can be seen in nearly
all the latest dino-books, especially the Ornithopods section of _the
Complete Dinosaur_ (Farlow and Brett-Surman eds., 1997). _The
Dinosauria_ (Weishampel, Dodson, Osmolska eds., 1990) will also be of
helpful reference.

Jaime A. Headden

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