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RE:Protoceratops & questions

Jessica wrote:

<can someone please answer these questions!>

  I'll answer what I think I know.

<Was/is there a real Spinosaurus skeleton that was found? I'd heard it
was stolen or something durring WW2,and destroyed.>

  Yes, Virginia, there was a *Spinosaurus* skeleton. Unfortunately, it
was bombed on, and lost except for figures and drawings. But it seems
Sereno has found new material, and there is also the *Spinosaurus
morrocanus* specimen.

<How smart was troodon? like as smart as a parrot or a monkey?>

  Most of the data points to less than your average parrot, less than
a crow (which are smart), probably with the intelligence of a chicken
(which are not stupid -- well, not entirely).

<Did ornitholestes really have a nose horn?>

  Greg Paul's restoration is really an excellent one, and shows that
the region of the broken snout was swollen upward at each end, meaning
that if it didn't have a horn, it had a crest or ridge.

<How big was brachiosaur's foot?>

  Approximately three feet high and about 2.5 feet in diameter at the
toes-end, perhaps larger if *Supersaurus* is *Brachiosaurus*.

<Was a young velociraptor an inscectivore? And what's this I heard
about them being found in oviraptor nests for food?>

  Ah, yes. The embryo oviraptor and the nest that time forgot. The
skulls have perfect little needle-like teeth, similar to the teeth of
lizards that eat insects in form, but not structure or reality. But
this does not say that the little dromies were not carnivores at such
a young age.

<Did Shunosaurus really have a club on it's tail? or was that a
mistake? Did any other sauropods have clubs on their tails???>

  It was a mistake when the skeletons at Zigong were reconstructed
without the clubs. These were later found, a set of the last caudal
vertebrae with spike-like growths on top that resembled nothing but
spiked clubs.

  *Omeisaurus fuxuiensis* was also found with a tail club, but without
the spikes, to my knowledge.

<thanks for your time. Sorry to spam everyone with all my 'stupid'
dinosaur questions.>

  Good. You put that word in parentheses. There are no stupid
questions, and if you've just asked these, you're proving yourself
quite smart.

Jaime A. Headden

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