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Re: Interest in dinosaurs

Okay, me too.
    I was four years old in 1954 when my parents bought me the Little Golden
Book, "From Then To Now," with a picture of a brontosaurus and an airplane on
the cover, detailing the history of life on earth.  It starts, "Many many
millions of years ago, our earth was all water and bare rock. There was no
life," and it ends, "Man has learned a lot.  He has invented ever so many
things. Some day you may even be able to go and visit the other planets."
    This book started me on a lifelong journey in science, tortuous at times.
I am now semi-retired from the Biotechnology Industry, which seems now like a
lucrative and profane side-track in my dino-motivated life plan.  Attempting
to reconnect with my dino-roots, I came up with the brooding-came-first
explanation for the hole in John Ostrom's theory, and mailed it to him.  He
liked it and encouraged me to present it formally, which I did at Dinofest
this year.  Who knows where this path will yet lead.
    I still possess the yellowed and color crayon bedecked "From Then To Now."
I note with some amusement its passage on birds: "Scientists think that birds
started with little reptiles that ran about on their hind legs.  During
millions of years their bodies gradually changed so that they could live in
trees.  Their front legs turned into wings, their scales into feathers."
    Tom Hopp