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Matthew Troutman writes:

>But these cladograms also support that Mononykus is within Aves far
>above the level of Archaeopteryx.  I like John Hutchinson's idea that
>alvarezosaurs are closest to the ornithurines even though I have not
>seen any evidence that this is true other than the large braincase and
>foramen magnum.

This is definitely not my original idea (at least one other person has
mentioned it before), and I personally have no evidence for it; it's a gut
feeling.  We need more basal alvarezsaurid specimens to be more certain of
where these critters belong, but the current consensus from 5 or so
different analyses is a good working hypothesis.  A Late Jurassic specimen
might be very illuminating.  One thing is quite certain IMHO, they are not
ornithomimosaurs, and they are maniraptorans.

                       --John R. Hutchinson