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Re: muzic

At 04:28 PM 7/1/98 -0700, Earl Wood wrote:
>   Early this morning the birds in my area were singing up a storm,
>this begged the question were there dinosaurs that could sing ? I 
>had dismissed this idea when I was told that dinosaurs tongues were 
>not like birds or frogs , I would like to hear some more comment .

Well, they could probably not sing like songbirds - that is like
passerines.  The complex pharynx (or is that larynx?) of passerines is what
allows their spectacular singing displays.

However, there is ample evidence for display vocalization in some
dinosaurs, especially lambeosaurines.  And since 'gators also perform
display vocalizations, I suspect many dinosaurs did.  Whether you would
call the noises they made *songs* is a subjective matter.

[It has been suggested that _Lambeosaurus_ sounded rather like a bassoon or
bass trombone].

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