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Re: Producing the "accurate" Dinosaur feature motion picture

Regards finding approximately $200 million for a dinosaur feature (and

    1)    Ask for a dollar from every man, woman, and child in the USA.  For
everyone who contributes, put their name on screen (SMALL PRINT, of course).
You might get about 120 million responses, but some of those might include
more than 1 dollar each - possibly $10-$100 each.  {This might prove to be
unwieldy and dificult to manage}

    2)    There are list members who know some people with $200 million in
pocket change.  Good luck convincing one of them (the ones with the money).

    3)    Of course, if you could convince someone that not only would your
dinosaurs be the most accurate, but that your story would be entrancing,
exciting, , etc., AND that it would pay for itself in the first 6 weeks of
release, then you can get ALL the money you need (maybe even from Stephen
Spielberg - or maybe from James Cameron).

    Good Luck

        Allan Edels

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Date: Friday, July 03, 1998 1:47 PM
Subject: Producing the "accurate" Dinosaur feature motion picture

>Once again, as I've offered a number of times before, both publically
>and privately, if one of you enterprising folks will simply raise me
>between 50 and 100 million dollars for production and an equal amount to
>make release prints and distribute the finished film, I'll be more than
>happy to Produce a motion picture that meets the most exacting
>paleontological standards! It would be great fun! I have the proper
>contacts and, honestly, can't wait!
>Since, judging by the multifarious comments from list members implying
>the moral decreptidue of Mr. Spielberg's motion picture endeavors making
>(shhhhhh, whisper, "money"), I'm sure that none of the generous backers
>of this proposed motion picture would in the least bit be interested in
>either having their investment returned or making a profit. This of
>course makes it easier for us all! Most corporations are, of course,
>sadly hindered by their obligation to turn a profit for their
>Do you suppose, however, that even a select group of paleontologists and
>fans could agree on things like skin coloration? flesh folds? muscle
>placement? gait? speed of movement? eating habits?
>Colette H. Adams wrote:
>SNIP   We think a movie about dinosaurs should be
>> about dinosaurs.  This is what Hollywood has never given us.
>> Best regards,
>> Dave
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