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RE: Original The Lost World on TV

Nobody but me watched it? I admit, you had to get past the music (terrible 
silent movie type) and you actually had to WATCH since there was no sound, 
but I was surprised to note the parental care displayed by Triceratops 
toward its offspring when the adult (obviously female) hustled her little 
one off to a protected area away from the attacking meat-eater, especially 
since there seems to be so much talk about this being a relatively new 
idea. What was especially neat was the added material at the end that 
showed stills of some of the footage we know is missing , plus the movie 
trailers and the short "cave man/dino" cartoons that Willis O'Brien had 
previously made. For more discussion of how these critters were 
constructed, there's a book called "Hot-Blooded  Dinosaur Movies" b y James 
Van Hise (1993, Pioneer Books, 5715 N. Balsam Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89130) 
that is great for detailed background on all the dino/King Kong movies 
prior to JP. Interesting how they made the dino models look like they were 
breathing (rubber bladders). Too bad the version that still exists cuts the 
dino stampede down to 1 1/2 min. (orig. it was 5, I think). So much for 
this week's fun-and-games. Sorry guys I didn't tape it, and it looks like 
it's under copyright anyway for any use other than home viewing. - Sue 
Blakey, Wyoming Dinosaur Center
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Did anyone actually watch this or, better still, tape this?

Bandraptor@aol.com wrote:
> I apologize if this has already been mentioned, but the original version 
> The Lost World is airing on "Turner Classic Movies" tonight.
> (Just figured that with all the talk recently, someone might want to see 

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