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Re: Stupid

On Sat, 04 Jul 1998 05:50:53 PDT "GOBI 2010" <gobi2010@hotmail.com>

>Dinosaur questions _not_ stupid? that's the first time I've been told 
>that in years (actually since grade K) by anyone who's not my age or 
>younger. Now that's something to boost one's self esteem.

No, asking questions about dinosaurs is not stupid, and please gently
remind your parents that when their children ask questions, it is not a
sign of stupidity, but rather of intelligence.

As you grow older, you will quickly find that there are *enough*
unnecessary,  unsolicited problems that  you will have to deal with in
life.  But being called "stupid" because you ask questions about
dinosaurs  is one problem that you shouldn't *ever* have to deal with.

The rule book says that the only people who are not allowed to ask
questions are dead people.  Good rule, I say....I'm all for repressing
the dead.

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