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RE:Protoceratops & questions

When Jessica wrote how big was *Brachiosaurus'* foot, I replied:

<<Approximately three feet high and about 2.5 feet in diameter at the
toes-end, perhaps larger if *Supersaurus* is *Brachiosaurus*.>>

Fortunately, Felix set me strait: 

<It is certainly not! *Supersaurus* and *Brachiosaurus* are very
different. In fact, no two other sauropods are more different, I think
(exept maybe a *Barosaurus*/*Camarasaurus* duo). The former is a
diplodocid and the latter is a... brachiosaurid! But maybe you mean't
*Ultrasauros*; if so, it IS *Brachiosaurus* and it is VERY big.>

  Yes, I meant *Ultrasauros*, and I appologize for the mix-up.

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