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Re: Producing the "accurate" Dinosaur feature motion picture

> Colette H. Adams wrote:

> We think a movie about dinosaurs should be
> about dinosaurs.  This is what Hollywood has never 
> given us.

This is the nature of modern entertainment though, sad to say.  Movies
don't offer us accurate pictures of people, let alone dinosaurs.  

(Of course, we'd be bored by accurate pictures of people; if you want
to see that just go look out the window.)

But moviemakers (and not just Hollywood) will always look to entertain
first and to be accurate second (or third or fourth or whatever).  

What we really need is an eccentric millionaire to fund the totally
accurate CGI dinosaur movie.  Two hours of a bunch of stegosaurs
eating some bushes, then contributing to the Karen Chin Fund.  Anyone
have Langendorf's number?  Does George have a lot of money from the
digest racket?

Short of that, expect your celluloid dinosaurs to either act like
alien xenomorphs or pull out tophats and canes, dance and sing.


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