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DINOSAUR digest 708

(Sorry, I accidentally deleted the author's name) wrote:

>I think *Velociraptor* (young or not) ate everything it could catch. It
probably a potential insectivore, even as an adult, being about 50 or 60 cm
high at the hips. I'm not sure about the young ones in the *Oviraptor*
nest, but I think it was supposed that they were there to kill some baby
*Oviraptors*. However, they could also have been food for baby *Oviraptors*
brought by parents.<

Is there any evidence for "cuckooism" (don't know the correct term, nest
parasitism?) in dinosaurs? I imagine it could be quite useful to have a
ready-made quick start of young "siblings" to eat, partculalry if unwitting
parents supplement the intake of food.