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Re: Original The Lost World on TV

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<< but I was surprised to note the parental care displayed by Triceratops 
 toward its offspring when the adult (obviously female) hustled her little 
 one off to a protected area away from the attacking meat-eater, especially 
 since there seems to be so much talk about this being a relatively new 
 idea. >>
The source for this animated sequence is Charles R. Knight's intial
Tyrannosaurus painting based on W.D. Matthews' skeletal reconstruction of
Tyrannosaurus at the American Museum. This is the painting in which the
tyrannosaur's head resembles an iguana somewhat (the more complete skull was
still entombed in a very dense concretion). The Triceratops family, with
juvenile, is one of Knight's finest moments as a painter and stands as a great
example of his technique of placing sculptures in sunlight in order to obtain
realistic light and shadow effects. Take note, you aspiring paleolife artists.
Dan Varner.