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Re: Original The Lost World on TV

One of the fathers of animation, Windsor McKay, did some early cartoons
with Gertie.
My McKay books are all in storage but I 'think' Gertie the dinosaur was
from 1910.
He did animation using Little Nemo as a model as early as 1906 I
Were these "cave man/dino" cartoons Gertie-esque? I've never seen any
flat cartoons done by Willis, nad have only seen stills of (either his
or Harrihausen's) primitive man stop-motion project from back before
whoever-it-was was famous (I'm thinking Harrihausen but I'm not
sure-memory is the first thing to go)

-Betty Cunningham

Sue Blakey wrote:
 What was especially neat was the added material at the end that
> showed stills of some of the footage we know is missing , plus the movie
> trailers and the short "cave man/dino" cartoons that Willis O'Brien had
> previously made.