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Re: Sauropod diets: WAS Re: Interest in dinosaurs

Yes it is interesting, after all sauropods have gastroliths, the
"theropod" caudipteryx has gastropods and it has been previously posted
here that crocodiles use gastroliths not only as ballast but also to help
in digestion.  I am still curious as to the importance of the gastroliths
in Caudipteryx.
-Bill Parker
Northern Arizona University

On Sun, 5 Jul 1998, Peter Von Sholly wrote:

> This brings up an interesting question; why are we so sure that saurpods
> were strictly herbiverous?    
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> > From: Stanley Friesen <sarima@ix.netcom.com>
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> > However, on of the letters in this series reminded me of something that
> my
> > young niece Eryn said some years ago.  At a store selling various sundry
> > dinosaur models, her mother (my sister) suggested buying a particular
> > "brontosaurus" model.  Eryn refused it because "longnecks aren't
> > meat-eaters".  (I am sure we have *all* seen this particular hideous, and
> > cheaply made, model of a sharp toothed sauropod).