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_Alxasaurus_; and oviraptosaur tails (?)


I've been doing a little reconstruction on some appendicular skeletal
elements of select coelurosaurs and something has struck me.  The
scapulocoracoid of _Therizinosaurus_, _Herrerasaurus_ (as restored in _The
Complete Dinosaur_, don't know how much of it is really known), and
_Dromiceiomimus_ are all very similar.  Going by the general form of
these, I was able to restore that element of _Segnosaurus_ so that it
looked similar (though the glenoid in this taxon is notably different).
_Struthiomimus_ possesses a more squared coracoid than these others, but
is similar overall.  I would have liked to have done a restoration of the
scapulocoracoid of _Alxasaurus_, but according to all the reconstructions
I've seen, it is poorly known (does anyone have any info here?).  
        These drawings convinced me that therizinosaurids were most
similar to ornithomimosaurs or herrerasaurids in the scapulocoracoid.  

        Comparing the pelvis of _Segnosaurus_ with that _Herrerasaurus_,
_Ingenia_, and ornithomimosaurs, I found that the pubis is most similar to
that of herrerasaurids, the ischium most similar to _Ingenia_, and the
ilium as relatively unique.  I then compared the known elements of
_Alxasaurus_ pelvis with these groups.  Both the ilium and the ischium
seem to be very oviraptosaurian, with the obturator process of the ischium
being highly reminiscient of _Ingenia_.  
        So here, therizinosaurids seem to resemble oviraptosaurs.  

The manus of _Alxasaurus_ is problematic for me.  I don't know how much is
really known because the reconstructions in Russel et al.'s paper don't
seem to clearly demarcate what has been recovered.  If it is as 
reconstructed in that source, the manus is very like _Therizinosaurus_.
If it is as heavily restored as I feel it might be, the manus might very
well look something like that of an oviraptosaur or ornithomimosaur.  Does
anyone know about the state of preservation of the manus (particularly the

One more question:

Has a good oviraptosaur tail been recovered?  I'm sure that they have, but
I've yet to see a reconstruction of one and can't find one listed in
Glut's encyclopedia or in _The Dinosauria_?

Thank you for your time and indulgence.