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Kanji, Dragons, and Marshal Arts

I sent this to a friend of mine who is studying Kanji  (the Japanese
script which is virtually directly Chinese).  Recall that the Japanese
use several different scripts, so the comments do not apply to all
Japanese writing.
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Ok, I basically have one reference manual which has the 881
grade school characters, the 941 high school characters and
some others to round out the total to 2000.  There are seven
'ryu's in it which mean:
        (artistic) school
        to bring to a stop, fasten
        willow tree
        grain, drop (I take this to mean a large 'speck' of something)
        prosperous, high
It is true that a single characters can have as many as five meanings
depending on context but in this case I saw no alternate usages
for the dragon character and the first character seems to be a
plausable candidate for the -'way' usage. I hope this helps
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Hope this clears up any possible confusion regarding the origin of
Japanese dinosaur names.

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