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Re: dino listing

On Sun, 5 Jul 1998 12:19:13 EDT Kimba4evr@aol.com writes:
>Is there anywhere on-line that I can find a list of the dinosaurs 
>still in
>existence at the time of the K-T event?  If not are there any books 
>anyone can
>recommend that would provide this information.  Thanks.

Not that I am aware of.  You might try Dino George's database of
dinosaur taxa, and then weed-out everything except the Maastrichtian

The good news is that there are a limited number of terminal Cretaceous
around the world.  The bad news is that you may have to tabulate the taxa

And  I have to add one little caveat:  Keep in mind that some
sites are early Maastrichtian, not latest Maastrichtian.  There is
that some Maastrichtian dinosaur taxa died out prior to the end of the
So you will only have a rough estimate of the dinosauria alive at
the terminal Cretaceous boundary.

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