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Re: Dinolist gathering?

In a message dated 7/7/98 7:46:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
Patrick.Norton@state.me.us writes:
>  Are any plans being made for some type of informal gathering of list   
>  members at the SVP conference this fall? Perhaps a breakfast or an early   
>  evening get together? As an avocational paleontologist, I would certainly  
>  enjoy a chance to meet the people behind the names on the list.

A couple of problems we ran into at SVP in Chicago were that the first
dinosaur talk started in the early a.m. so we didn't have a lot of time to
eat and talk at our Dinolist Breakfast.  Reserving a large enough space in 
the restaurant was also a problem, as was collecting money for the buffet.
SVP plans evening social activities, and this is also the time for old friends
to renew acquaintances. 

It was suggested that since there will be lunchtime breaks in the talks, and
SVP may have hikes planned at that time, Dinolist attendees might get
together then.  We could meet outside (no space problems), each
bring a lunch (fits the individual budget) and either gather as a group or
in on the hike.  

Is anyone familiar with Snowbird Resort?